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I'm a Big Data consultant, based out of Austin, Texas. I help companies understand how to ingest, understand, store, and secure data important to their business. I also help companies that may not have a software engineering background instill a culture conducive to high quality software.

Every client presents new challenges, both organizationally as well as technically. Some clients need advice on how to administer their cluster effectively, while others need help in creating high quality software to run on the clusters.


This blog was created with that in mind, to help share lessons and stories I gather while on the road with my clients. My hope is that this helps others wherever they are on their Big Data story. Along the way, I'll also share some of my thoughts on various practices and techniques I've found to be useful to many of my clients, that may also be helpful to you.

I graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 2011 with a triple major in Software Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering. I've worked for many companies on applications at all levels, from driver and operating system development to mobile applications. In 2017 I started doing consulting, and in 2020, I settled into my current role as a Big Data consultant with Datasource Consulting. I am also a certified GCP Professional Cloud Architect and AWS Associate Solutions Architect.

David McGinnis
Senior Big Data Consultant
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